Mission and Purpose

To be the ‘voice’ of the local business community. We want to encourage, support and nurture business
growth whilst reducing road blocks to increase business opportunities for our region
We will liaise with all levels of government to advance outcomes for local businesses.
Our vision is to be the leading relevant resource for all local businesses.


  • Create specific sub-committees to engage and foster representation for all areas of business within the local community to feed into the BCCI long term strategic goals
  • Develop a fresh, innovative, user friendly website and social media pages.
  • Replace, improve and expand the ‘Bairnsdale’ flags in the main street gardens.
  • Engage with all areas of business within the local community to develop a united group to increase activity in Bairnsdale and in turn increase the BCCI membership base.
  • Develop a bi-monthly ‘Chamber Chatter’ newsletter to keep all members up to date with news in the l
    local Business community.


  • Provide Strong representation and build positive relationships between our member and the local government bodies.
  • Advocate to encourage the water pressure in Bairnsdale Industrial Precinct to be rectified.
  • Create a safe, modern, community space for locals in the laneway behind Woolworths, promoting local businesses and encouraging activity / social interaction.
  • Provide small business workshops on a quarterly basis to enhance business outcome by educating businesses. Workshops tailored to respond to the needs of member to develop skills in areas such as social media content/use, marketing, and finance / accounting.


  • Free entry to quarterly net- working nights
  • Free participating in ongoing business and training work- shops
  • Expand your network and promote your business
  • Stay informed with local newsletters
  • Advocacy - Bairnsdale's Business Voice
  • Raise our local business pro- file to local government au- thorities
  • Be part of the Chambers busi- ness directory with new web- site development 2020
  • Support volunteer committee to expand business for all